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          • CAS Adds 8 Chinese and 1 Foreign Academicians from USTC

            On Nov 22th, the results of the 2019 CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences) academician selection were officially announced to the public. This time, CAS has added 64 Chinese nationals and 20 foreign experts, including 8 USTC professors and 1 USTC foreign professor.

        1. First Quantum-entangling-measurements-enhanced Quantum Orienteering
          [2020-02-18] USTC enhanced the performance of quantum orienteering with entangling measurements via photonic quantum walks.
        2. Orgin of Seismic Heterogeneities Deep inside Earth
          [2020-01-23] determined the velocities and density of subducted oceanic crust under lower-mantle conditions.
        3. How We Learn Is a Quantum-like Manner!
          [2020-01-23] It brings people new perspectives on understanding how human brains run.
        4. Progress Made in Mechanism of Neuron Polarity Maintenance
          [2020-01-17] it offers a theoretical basis for the study of the pathogenesis of human mental system diseases caused by corresponding gene mutations.
        5. USTC Experimentally Verifies the Relation between Robustness of Entanglement and Topologic...
          [2020-01-15] The research can be used to reveal the topological phases and their transitions. It was published on Jan 14th in Optica, a flagship journal of the Optical Society of Amer...
        6. [NewScientist]China has developed the world’s first mobile quantum satellite station
          [2020-01-09] The first mobile quantum satellite station has successfully stransferred secure information(Image by Jin Liwang/Xinhua/Alamy Live News)The world’s first portable ground ...
        7. New Year Concert by Tchaikovsky Conservatory Concert Symphony Orchestra Successfully Held
          [2020-01-08] Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory Concert Symphony Orchestra was invited to perform a special New Year concert at the Eastern Conference hall.
        8. Researchers Make Progress in the Preparation of Graphene by Plasma
          [2020-01-06] Prof. XIA Weidong reported a novel approach for the preparation of few-layer graphene nano-flakes (GNFs).
        9. Fields Medalist YAU Shing-Tung Visits USTC and Gives Lecture
          [2020-01-03] YAU Shing-Tung visited USTC and gave a lecture On Dec 28, 2019.
        10. 2019 USTC · Warm Home Student Fellowship Activity
          [2020-01-02] On the afternoon of December 21st, 2019 Warm Home Student Fellowship Activity was held in Univesity of Science and Technology.
        11. More News
        12. Data fusion and statistical learning in patient care cycle: from diagnosis to ca...

          01-10, 16:00-17:00, Room 1418,Management Research Building, East Campus

          The McShane Identity

          01-09, 15:10-16:10, Room 1418,Management Research Building, East Campus

          On numerically trivial automorphisms of surfaces and threefolds

          01-09,14:30-15:30, Room 5206, The 5th Teaching Building, East Campus

          Hausdorff measure estimate of nodal set in manifold with lower Ricci curvature

          01-09, 14:00-15:00, Room 1418,Management Research Building, East Campus

          Synchrotron Soft X-ray Spectromicroscopies at the Canadian Light Soure

          01-08, 14:30, Room210, National Synchrotron Radiation LaboratoryBuliding 3, West Campus

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